Yukigassen Tournament in December

Get your friends and play Yukigassen in December, the most dynamic winter sport 🙂

When? : Saturday, December 1 at 9:30

Where? : LTU – Yukigassen Court (between C-House and ICA)

This tournament is open for everybody.

Many exchange students are not staying in Luleå for Spring Term so together with LURC we’ve decided to arrange this tournament to get you the chance to play and if you can, train for the Swedish Championship in March 🙂

What about building national/regional teams, like Team Paris, Team Sweden or Team Australia? Let’s give it emotions! 😉

After the tournament we’ll take a sauna at StiL (20Kr without a StiL card)

Wednesday November 28, 16:30 (Language Cafe) at STUK

Price: 30Kr/player
(The price includes refreshment (hot-dog, tea etc) )State which team you’ll play for or if you wish to be assigned to a team individually

A training session will be held on Friday, November 30 at 13:00
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