Yukigassen under Luleå Big Air (11:th February)

The day is getting closer! The 11:th of February, the day in which the first Yukigassen competition after 4 years is going to occur. A tournament is getting arranged on the parking spot beside teknikens hus, Porsön at 14:00-17:00.

Pre-registeredteams are going to play with each other and in between these games, there will be opportunity for the public to try how it is to play Yukigassen.

You are welcome with you team to compete or if you want to try or just see other happy humans play!

Required to compete is a team of 5 members (plus 1-3 reserves). The competitions are open for everyone over 18 years old! (You play all the games at your own risk.)

Registration fee: 20kr/person

Register your team by clicking on the box below that says “ANMÄLAN”:
Yukigassen SM 2013 Anmälan

Schedule of matches will come soon.
For more information on how to play Yukigassen: Så här spelar du Yukigassen

More infomation about Luleå Big Air: Luleå Big Air

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